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Push it

I used to think I´m normal
But you treat me like a table
The communication is wireless
But not very stable

Nothing moves itself
In fact you have to push it
You could leave me tomorrow
But you have to push it

Push it, push it baby

It seems like propaganda
I can´t fill thoughts with reason
I ised to think I´m normal
But insanity increases

Exposing all my secrets
Makes me somehow buyable
Exposing all my mind
Makes me somehow definable

(c) everme 2007. no use without explicit written permission.
Quiet Silent Placid Calm

Got lost on my own nowhere map
Saw it coming still fell in the gap
Stuck in my own invisible trap
What a drag

Quiet - silent - placid - calmed
Nobody's hurt, nobody's harmed
Maybe - but me

Been here done that I know what it 's like
Cheap slick dealers sense my dislike
They smell like men but look like dykes
What a sight

Night flowers try to sweeten my pain
A new kind of drug drives my brain
I only got water but I paid for champagne
All in vain

(c) everme 2007. no use without explicit written permission.
Vet Rap

He was a six foot four hardcore afghan vet
Told everybody that´s the best time he´d ever had
  Told the women he met they were a piece of meat
That´s probably one reason why he never succeeded
Now one day he offered a girl his ring
But she ran off with the quaterback that silly thing
First flew the words and then flew the lead
That´s when law and order came into that

Now law and order was also six foot four
He was on his side - on the other side were more
So they asked him politely to surrender fast
The exact qoute was "Boy, you kiss your ass"
So the six foot four hardcore viet vet
Found himself unpleasantly trapped in a shed
And the mayor explained why aggression´s unwise
While the rest of the bunch practised shooting exercise

Now some hours later the whole town had arrived
Eating hot dogs and icecream while watching it live
There were jugglers and clowns and a bear on a ring
On another occasion you´d call that a pleasant evening
Apart from a few unexpected casualties
Nothing seriously happened to majority
And when the morning arrived  everybody said
"It was a good night out" - apart from the vet

(c) I'MUS 2007. no use without explicit written permission.
I'MUS - Winner

01. Shock the Monkey

02. Winner

03. The fat lady of Limbourg

04. Daydream

05. Eve of Destruction

06. Push it

07. Quiet Silent Placid Calm

08. She drives me crazy

09. Vet Rap

10. Death of a Clown

11. The days of Pearly Spencer

It´s always the winners that pass you by
If you´re not a winner than you might as well die
Women in blonde, sexy and lean
Men roll the dice, macho and mean
Swap roles or partners swap girls or boys
It´s the time of your life and people are toys

Colour your face I can colour my heart
Love a la mode, state of the art
Shoot down your neighbours, kill all the old
It´s time to be cruel and it´s time to be cold
Please all the beauties or do please yourself
You got to be perfect if nobody else

Fall in love with the art of ice
Exaggerated and oversized
Undercover anonymus
Incubus or succubus
You got to succeed right to the end
Worship the spirit of time my friend

(c) I'MUS 2007. no use without explicit written permission.