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01. Speechless White
02. Never was right
03. Moths
04. 100000 Years
05. Your Heaven
06. Change the World
07. Visitors
08. Is there anybody
09. Asking Song
10. Leaf
11. Our love is Memory
12. Collector
Speechless white

You're like a pain in my head
Close the door
And take it slow
Still to come. Yet to go
Slowly drive me mad

You're like a touch of hand
Glad you're there
A vision impair
Lifetimes of hope. A lifetime
Castles made of sand

Every second like a day
Speechless white like permafrost
Living with the same old fear
You might get lost … get lost

You're like a word in the air
Be right here
Handle with care
Fear of silence, fear of dark
The day you won't be there

(c) I'MUS 2008. no use without explicit written permission.
Never was right

Your sisters were alright, so was your brother
I liked your mum and didn`t mind your dad
It should have made me think that they were nicer
Than your cheap and common tricky up-nose tracks
I gave up friends to please your silly needs
A creeping worm just crawling round your feet
It must have been a mind-desease
It was a dead end street every fool could see

I´ve burned your pictures and your records
For some odd reason I wish I could burn you too
I wish you more bad luck than you´d  imagine
And hope your lover is just as nasty to you
Now you can stuff your perfect body
And by the way : your make-up looked really mad
And while I´m at it let me tell you frankly
You weren´t even half as good in bed

And  I never was right
And you never were wrong
Your ego so big you nearly burst
Playing around with me for too long
And you never were wrong
And I never was right
Pleased to make me infinitely small
And probably even feeling alright

Now you can stuff your french wine sessions
And your collection of italian shoes
I hope you fall for one of those
Who´ll teach you how to get the goddamn blues
It makes me scared  that I could ever fall for you
Feels just like the bloody weirdest dream
And every minute wasted I wasted on you
And it really  wants to make me scream

c) I'MUS 2008. no use without explicit written permission.

Got no thoughts no explanation
There's only paper work to do
And still the world is running fast
Maybe too fast for me and you

Can you foresee our future epitaphs
Our bones are getting dry
Examine all the pros and all the cons
Give me a reason why

We believe in miracles
We believe in lies
We believe most anything
Like moths believe in light

I'm longing for some company
To waste myself in you
And history repeats itself
Spits out what we already knew

We're chasing opportunities
Still driven by our greed
Come closer now and let me be
Everything you need

(c) I'MUS 2008. no use without explicit written permission.
A hundred thousand years

Who dares to find an island
Between the worlds of you and me
Where we will lay trembling
On some faraway beach
Embraced by elements
We choose to be
To be
Who dares to think our dream
Between our wishes and our fears
And waiting for the right
Moment to appear
For a hundred thousand

(c) I'MUS 2008. no use without explicit written permission.
 Your Heaven

How shallow some ideals can be
In far and distant light
We see young faces growing old
And bitter go their minds

To hurry down an unknown road
Alone or two by two
And circle round on unknown ground
Is all that we can do

Too many fates are just the same
So silent goes the shell
And the remains are memories
After the final bell

I wonder if your heaven is
What you´ve been looking for
And if it´s what you´ve wanted, then
I wish I could give you some more

(c) I'MUS 2008. no use without explicit written permission.
(Did we really) Change the world

Sitting here Every season
Did you forget the years we kissed
Without a reason
Amazing how We function still
Denying that we have long lost our own
Free will

Did we really change the world
Or did the world change us?
Arrange us
Derange us
Estrange us

Alone we were And now we're not
And still it hasn't changed
An awful lot
The way we see Things differently
For some odd reason gives us hope
So frequently

And do we care About it all?
Or is it just a phase we're  only
going through?
So don't think twice Cause it's alright
And any time I see you
I love you more and more

(c) I'MUS 2008. no use without explicit written permission.

The smell of roasted beef fills the air
And fire flickers in the dark
Grey suits, dark skirts is the common gear
And shadows look like great big sharks

Man hunts outside their concentration palace
Who can be cool when there´s death in the air
There´s a roaring thunder of exploding hate
The exodus is coming near

We are only visitors
We got nothing to do with this
We are only visitors
And seal it with a traitors kiss

And a boy sings of joy when walking in tears
The battlefild´s crieing out for lust
And she makes up her face for the camera click
And her make-up is blood and dust

The currency is the victim´s grief
I hope you sleep well in your bed
You can touch me if I can tear you apart
Let´s sign the contract with the dead

(c) I'MUS 2008. no use without explicit written permission.
Is there anybody

Is there anybody in here
To say something intelligent
Is there anybody somewhere
To say something different

When you said "I love you"
Was it just a cynical fake
Too big a bite to chew
What difference does it make

There´s a crack in my heart
And the crack won't heal
You watch me suffer ...
Are you happy still?

You know exactly what went wrong
That cold October night
Left was right and right was wrong
I had to choose the side

I know I owe you love
I know you won´t admit it
Cause now you want to play it tough
And simply leave me with it...

(c) I'MUS 2008. no use without explicit written permission.
Asking Song

Ask me the things that you want to know
I´m ready to give you the answers right now
I´m willing to share
And I´m glad that you´re here
So ask me, ask me, ask me

Tell me the things you want off your chest
I´ll keep my mouth shut, I´ll try my best
I´m willing to take
I´m too glad to break
So tell me, tell me, tell me

Give me the things that you want to give
I´ll take whatever you want as a gift
I'm willing to shareAnd I am glad yiou are here
So ask me ask me ask me

(c) I'MUS 2008. no use without explicit written permission.

Come here and see what's going on outside your fantasy
And look into tomorrow's beams instead of history
Don't you shake your head in doubt as if this isn't real
No time is time to wander round bemused in disbelief

So many scary monsters come crawling up your back
Been caught too long in silent worlds somehow left a crack 
Still flashes of her memory match with reality
She came to some conclusion of our mortality

Let me dance let me dance
Like a leaf in the wind
Let me dance let me dance
like a leaf in the wind

Before you leave  be careful you're own tomorrow's carved
And even bigger minds than yours have already starved
You might be king or beggar, nobleman or thief
But when you slowly lose your mind you're just another leaf

The cutter comes and takes a life silently and quick
Too soon too soon you haven't seen the final magic trick
And when the voices come to you and whisper in your ear
Nobody might be there to meet the last frontier

(c) I'MUS 2008. no use without explicit written permission.
Our Love is memory

One of us must leave, it turned so cold in here
Your lips are touching me, or do I dream
I feel already free but I don´t want to be mean
I see the falling leaves, our love is memory

How, how our love is Memory

There´s lipstick on the cup and perfume in the air
There should be more than smell and stains reminding me you´re here
So come and dance this dance with me let´s do it one more time
Before I leave, before I go before we say goodbye

(c) I'MUS 2008. no use without explicit written permission.

And when you talk to me
Look at me endlessly
Yesterday you were in mamas arms
Keeping you safe and warm
Today you're on the palm of life
Tomorrow you'll be gone

And when you talk to me
As if you're knowing me
You've climbed so many mountains
Did far too much alone
You've been all over everywhere
You're ready to come home?

Are you just a collector
I ask you while I touch your faceAre you just a collectorAnd am I just another collector's piece

And when you talk to me
See what you want to see
So many things you did no matter what the cost
Paradises won and paradises lost
Sit down before the tables turn
No more bridge to cross

(c) I'MUS 2008. no use without explicit written permission.
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