The Story of Eigenheim Orchestra

Eigenheim Orchestra is basically a multi-instrumentalist duo  founded in 2002. The members, Uli (dr, voc, gt, b, kb) and Kai (gt, kb, voc, b, dr) both played in other bands (and still do occasionally) but find it more interesting and relaxing now to do music just for fun without live events, rehearsels and fixed dates. This enables Eigenheim Orchestra to take time before things are published and elaborate songs the way they both like and enjoy. Consequently our music became more complex and can be best described as melodic rock with prog influences.

We can look back on more than 20 years of band experience each. That is nothing impressive by itself, but we learned three and a half lessons:

– overego is counterproductive
– you have to love the music you do
– relax … music is fun
– choose a silly band name so people won’t forget

We record in our basements now (hence the name), but we  have played in gardens, living rooms, „practice  rooms“, bunkers, other bands, schools, at home,  abroad, halls, at festivals, open air, in front of 3000 people and in front of 5.

We played Rock, Punk, Pop, Metal,  Acoustic, Jazz, Kraut, Blues, Crossover in bands … and now we make personal preference music. It is music we really want to play. No compromise. At home. As a duo. For us, our families, friends and of course for you. Not for sales.

Brain, Ideas, Time, PC and Mac, ukulele, comb, and 2 freeware VST instruments (not to mention the bloody rest)

If you have any questions about Eigenheim Orchestra, don’t hesitate to contact us via eigenheim-orchestra(at) Thanks and keep on rocking.