Amateur bands rock

Posted in Opinion, Web on März 19th, 2011 by EO-Manager

The internet has changed the rules for musicians in a big way. What was impossible a couple of yeras ago goes today without saying. Whereever you are, whatever you do, there are plenty of possibilities to make yourself heard. And so many do which is an amazing process. Along with this the variety and power music distribution has reached a new peak: no limits anymore for anyone. While the commercial business mostly still has no answers to this phenomenon young upcoming bands with fresh ideas use the platform to such an extent it even changes business rules.

If you look at webpages like „jamendo“ where you find more than 300.000 songs in 40.000 publications you get an idea how many people and bands are out there making music. All the songs are free of charge and you can download, copy and listen as many and as long as you like. Wow! Can you imagine how much music that is? Considering the average song is 3:30 minutes we are talking about nearly 700 days of music non stop, considering you will listen 24 hours a day… If you listen 3 hours every day you will be entertained for almost 6 years without repeating any of these songs. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I also recommend  „Free Albums Galore“ , a page that has been going on for more than 6 years presenting full legal mp3 albums. You will find more than you’ll be able to consume. Not even mentioning all the other bandsites and labels and coop sites that offer zillions of legal mp3 downloads of non pros.

I have started to listen to amateur bands in my car and even at home years ago and guess what? You do find your personal gems quite quickly. What amazes me most is the variety and freshness that comes with many of the bands and individuals. And in general their productions are surprinsingly professional, too. many of them have understood that the internet is a beautiful platform to (no, not get famous…) get heard and recognized globally. This is the real change: people turned from local heroes to global distributors. And with this people get connected, cooperate and communicate – even if they don’t know each other.

It often inspires me to hear bands who don’t care at all about mainstream and hipness and just do their thing. I have never been a big mainstream-hitmusic-middle-of-the-road-radio-compatible listener, anyway. So my statement here is quite clear: amateur bands rock!

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