Playing in various bands

Posted in Inspiration, Music on Januar 27th, 2011 by EO-Manager

When you have been in the (local) music scene for quite a while and you have a reputation as a fairly good musician it is not so seldom that people ask you to either help them out if one of their members is missing or you are invited to join a band.
It is also not so seldom that you might be quite happy playing on your own or with a partner in your project studio, especially when you want to try a completely new style, idea or genre. The advantage of the project work is that you decide for yourself and don’t need to compromise which can be a great plus but also a drawback.

When you are asked to join a band your first impulse is (hopefully) happiness and you might even feel honoured. The second thought might be whether the music of this particular band is what you would like to play or whether you and the band’s musical level and ability fit together. Also, you have to ask yourself how much time you are willing to sacrifice in practising, rehearsals, gigs etc. In other words, playing in (various)  bands is quite an effort of time and resource.

On the other hand you are going to get a couple of things in return you will never get on your own. So what is good about it? Well, there is one thing you will never get on your own: band experience. Music works best, when people really work as a unit. If you look at bands like for example AC/DC, you will soon realize that the rhythm section is solid as a rock. Drum and bass are just tight as anything, which gives room for the guitars and the singer. Experienced bands have this magic, that only happens if individuals turn out to be more than the single parts.

You also get lots of different inspiration, ideas and styles in bands. Everybody has personal preferences and the mix of all these different styles does the trick. So, even if you don’t like to play , let’s say, top 40 covers, don’t underestimate the pedagogical effect it has when you have to play really disciplined.  (By the way, my best drum teacher used to be a drummer on a cruiser ship for years and years. Which was really, really helpful when he explained the difference between various music styles) Especially if it is something you don’t usually play. Quite frankly I have always enjoyed playing music I hadn’t played before. It is also mentioned on our website, too. We both played in many bands from punk to rock, from pop to jazz which gave us the (relative) freedom to play songs in different musical styles now (which in fact opens more possibilities when writing music).

So what’s my vote? Thumbs up. If you have the opportunity to play in bands – do it. You will gain more than you invest, I guarantee.

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Does the net work in networks?

Posted in Opinion on Januar 8th, 2011 by EO-Manager

The urge to use all that is new and exciting seems to be a pretty common one. There is no real big difference whether it is material or rather immaterial stuff like the latest and greatest social media channels.

Not so long ago nearly everybody had to have a website on his/her own, an account on Myspace, on twitter, YouTube, and what have you. Now it’s Facebook. To make it quite clear: I am no different, so I won’t smartass you with preaching the usual stuff you can get everywhere else. Even though I am a critical mind when it comes to giving all kinds of private information away I started a facebook account with Eigenheim Orchestra – and guess what: it is funny. No, I still don’t believe that you can make friends by the click of a mouse and I still believe that some things are better left unrevealed, but hey, not only do you find nearly everyone you EVER were acquainted or friends with, these channels are indeed a pretty easy way to make yourself seen, heard and part of a news system you would not be able to have access to otherwise. I am still not over the moon with all of this as it is still very undifferentiated and broad, but I am pragmatic and clearly see the advantages. If I think beyond Facebook, video sites, podcasts, YouTube, Twitter, there are so many other ways, channels and networks now I can use to get in touch with people that do the same, think similarly (or if you like the opposite, give you new ways to look at things) or contribute to my needs that it truly has become “social networking”.

What’s that got to do with music you might ask? Well, first of all, every band, musician, writer, lyricist now has the possibility to publish; secondly all of these mentioned above can collaborate and cooperate independent of space, time and geography. This was literally impossibly only a few years ago. It is dead easy today to publish your music at netlabels or elsewhere AND promote it in social networks. It is also fantastic you can find people around the world to cooperate with you finishing your song, when you got stuck or need a special talent or instrument you can’t play. Or just throw in an idea and see how it develops and what others do with it. You got more than plenty websites that serve every need, not just exchanging news. What a great thing!

Here are a couple of sites you could try and see if some of them might suit your needs. You probably find us in one or the other, too. Who knows. – a site to connect, collaborate and produce – also a site where creatives cooperate – music collaboration on the web – remix or have your song remixed – the biggest musician’s communication platform in Germany – upload your music with a distinctive url and have it commented

Tell us, if you want more.

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