How to mix VSTi with one stereo out into more than one track

Posted in Recording on Januar 13th, 2011 by EO-Manager

Generally all VST instruments have more than one out channel, but you still find VST Instruments that only have one stereo out channel. Usually this does not bother you too much, but especially when you want to mix percussion sounds (for example different drum sounds) this can be unfortunate, especially when the drumsounds of your instrument  have different recording loudness levels (e.g. Toms louder than the snare or the hihat too loud in the whole drummix) here is a workaround in Cubase (but it will certainly work in other DAWs as well) : once you have recorded your midi track with all the events you can use a very clever command – it is called „extract parts“ and can be found in the MIDI section. Once you click that you can choose the option „separate events“ which will do exactly that. You will find every event on a different track. This means you have the bass drum on one track, the snare on one track, the cymbals on one and so on.

Unfortunately this does not work very well with intrument channels. The reason is obvious: every tone would represent a track which you certainly do not want.

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