A little gift against the loudness war

Posted in Music on Dezember 24th, 2010 by EO-Manager

Merry Christmas, everybody.Thanks for visiting and reading our website and blog.

Here is a very interesting link, article and freeware to actually DO something about the loudness war. The „Pleasurize Music Foundation“ provides a free meter that displays (and judges) the dynamics of your mixes. You’ll see instantly (by colour display) whether  your music still has a dynamic range or if it’s compressed to death. Everything is explanined on the website. If you like, you can even join the foundation.



How I started … and what I learned

Posted in Inspiration, Opinion on Dezember 22nd, 2010 by EO-Manager

I remember when I started recording music, we did not have many choices. In fact  it was sensational when the first affordable 4-track tape recorders were introduced and instead of recording simple ideas or the whole song or band in one go it became possible to record 4 tracks independently. Wow. The songs we did then were ok at that time, but what annoyed me even during that early stage was the noise and hiss of the recorded staff –  and I remember the frustration that there was nothing (in our reach and possibility) that could actually change it. It was either too expensive or too limited.

Today I know, one of the biggest mistakes we made was being too  impatient. Instead of saving a little more money and buy gear that we REALLY wanted, too many compromise were made. We simply COULD  not get the sound Read more »