Musical Influences

Posted in Analysis, Inspiration on Juli 13th, 2012 by EO-Manager

Everybody interested in music grew up with a certain kind of music. The sources can be very different, from parents‘ records/mixtapes/cds, intensive radio listening, your (older) brother’s  or sister‘s preferences, friends, relatives or whoever. It can be classical, jazz, modern, comtemparary music – but undoubtedly it is somehow defining, destinctive, significant for your personal musical taste and sometimes even development. Read more »

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Song fragment management

Posted in Creativity, Production, Recording on Mai 9th, 2012 by EO-Manager

Sometimes my harddisk is literally full of musical ideas and snippets I recorded as reminders and ideas but never had the time to finish them. This never stops and the output is constant. Of course I am working towards an endpoint (could be a CD, could be a project or something else) but I usually record about 3 to 4 songs if I need only one. This gives me the flexibility to choose and finally decide what is the best song. Read more »

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