Finding time to write songs

Posted in Creativity, Inspiration, Songwriting on Juni 6th, 2012 by EO-Manager

When you are not a professional musician, time for music always seems to be very limited. There’s your job  that you spend 9 to 10 hours on, your family demands time of course, there is always work to do in the house or the garden, your friends want to see you, there’s your  sports or social club, celebrations, holidays, birthdays … I could go on forever. If you think about it you might wonder when and where is the time to make music, to sit down in silence, write, play, produce? Read more »

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Song fragment management

Posted in Creativity, Production, Recording on Mai 9th, 2012 by EO-Manager

Sometimes my harddisk is literally full of musical ideas and snippets I recorded as reminders and ideas but never had the time to finish them. This never stops and the output is constant. Of course I am working towards an endpoint (could be a CD, could be a project or something else) but I usually record about 3 to 4 songs if I need only one. This gives me the flexibility to choose and finally decide what is the best song. Read more »

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